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Sunrise Health Service

ABN 26 778 213 582 - ICN 4170

The Sunrise Health Service Aboriginal Corporation’s main purpose is to improve the health and wellbeing of the people in the region east of Katherine in the Northern Territory using a holistic approach that includes a high standard of medical care, the promotion of social justice and the overcoming of the sickness that affects so many people in our region. This is done through our health clinics and health education, mixing together traditional Indigenous culture and the best of mainstream medicine.

Most importantly, our approach involves community people taking part in controlling their own health.  Everything from financial management and governance, staff selection and service delivery priorities are directed by our Aboriginal Board and Community Health Committees.

Contact Details

Head Office:
Pandanus Plaza
Level 1, 25 First Street
Katherine NT 0851

PO Box 1696
Katherine NT 0851

Phone: (08) 8971 9500
Fax: (08) 8971 2511




Via Central Arnhem Hwy

  • Manyallaluk
  • Barunga
  • Wugularr
  • Bulman

Via Roper Hwy

  • Mataranka
  • Jilkminggan
  • Minyerri
  • Urapunga
  • Ngukurr